Struggling to manage chip design projects?

We automate your workflows and give you a holistic, accurate, and real-time view of your entire design

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Faster Time to Market

Use accurate, real-time data to close issues sooner and get to market faster

Reduced Costs

Automate manual data gathering and free up your team to work on things that matter

Catch Issues Early

Set up an early warning system to detect and escalate outliers and anomalies

Complexities of Chip Design Projects

And it is becoming exponentially harder.

Increased design complexity

Exponential growth in functionality, operating modes, and process corners makes getting an up-to-date top level view near impossible

Manual data gathering

Chip design engineers are manually entering data into spreadsheets from logs and reports because no good tooling exists today.

Complex team coordination

Lack of standardized terminology means project managers have to chase engineers to collate data from the entire team.

Unproductive review meetings

Key decisions end up being made on stale, incomplete, and subjective data. What does "60% complete" mean anyway?

The Engineering Automation Platform

Automate your engineering workflows and arm your team with real-time visibility

Intuitive Dashboards

Get a top-level snapshot, drill-down into the details that matter, and collaborate with the rest of your team

Configurable Data Pipelines

Set thresholds and automate notifications, alerts, and reminders to keep your project on track

Parsers and Connectors

Build parsers, integrate with the rest of your environment, and schedule jobs to get the data you need

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What use cases do you solve?

We currently have applications to track bugs and key metrics for design, verification, and physical design.

How do I get started?

We can deploy over a 30 minute video call once we understand your use cases. Contact us to get started.

How do I use your software?

Our modular software plugs in adjacent to your existing workflow. We do not disrupt your current methodology.

This doesn't fit my needs.

We are rapidly building new use cases and would love to connect with you. Drop us a line!

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