Data apps and workflows simplified

We help you build and deploy powerful data apps and workflows easily and interactively using pre-baked templates, starter apps, and other building blocks.

Interactive computing environment

Simple, intuitive way to interact with your data, files, and apps

Our turbocharged Notebook interface lets you interact with code, documentation, data, files, and output to get immediate value

Built-in renderers
Interate faster by viewing output side-by-side your code
Easy version control
Integrate with git or your version management tool
Rich documentation
Create markdown to simplify updates and maintenance
Powerful Building Blocks

"Batteries included" enabling rapid app and workflow development

Use app templates, rich visualization libraries, connectors, parsers, and other utilities to easily build, deploy, and schedule your engineering tools and workflows

Rich yet simple UI development libraries
Easily create charts, tables, buttons, and other widgets
Use case specific apps and templates
Get started right away with production ready samples
Utilities to schedule flows, alerts, emails, etc.
Automate your most complex flows with a few lines of code
App Lifecycle Management

Easily manage app lifecycle from exploration to production

Create, deploy, share, and iterate on apps, dashboards, checklists, and workflows with built-in authentication and access management

User groups and permissions
Manage user permissions with fine-grained access control
Single console for all your apps
Easily publish apps and manage access across your org
Start small and scale big
Supports 1,000's of users with varying user profiles

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