Quality data, right where you need it

We set up and manage data pipelines so that you have clean, transformed data without needing a dedicated data engineering team.
White Glove Onboarding
Get up and running within 2 weeks
Managed Data Infrastructure
We run your data pipelines end-to-end

Shift focus to your business logic

No more data janitorial work; simply script your business rules or define your decision logic in a table and we take care of the rest
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Offload data gruntwork

Wrangling clean & usable data from spreadsheets, internal DBs, and SaaS apps sucking up your time?

Automating it requires a data engineering team and dedicated infrastructure, but assembling one can take months.
Our team of experts and technology building blocks can help you get started on your journey towards data-driven operations.

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Use Cases

Whether you're just starting a new project or need help scaling, we can help streamline your data-driven workflows
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Workflow Automation

Starting a new process automation initiative but don't have a dedicated data team? Our fully managed approach can help you get there in the shortest time.

Customer Engagement

From segmentation & audience building, to attribution & lead scoring, grow your business  with fresh and usable data at your fingertips.

Data Onboarding & Ingest

Get quality data from those messy spreadsheets & datasets for master data management to customer data onboarding and everything in between.

Operational Dashboards

Power your operational analytics needs by bringing together data from all of your internal systems and data sources with minimal effort.

Rolling your own data stack is time consuming.

The market is packed with tools, technologies, and open source libraries.

Navigating them to set up reliable and maintainable pipelines for data driven workflows can suck up valuable time.

Leave the heavy lifting to us instead, so that you can focus on what really moves the needle for your business.
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Solutions, Not Stacks

Simply write your core business logic in Python, SQL, or Shell scripts and deploy. Or, if you don't have the technical team, our experts can help you get set up.

Our fully integrated solution includes UIs, scheduling, integrations, RBAC, and everything else needed to create managed data pipelines and workflows.
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Features :
App & data templates
Auth & Access Control
Simplified scheduling
Python, SQL & YAML support

Integrations for all your key data sources

We bring together the best of open source and commercial integration tools to address your most complex requirements
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Onboarding process

Result: automated decisions, powered by quality data

Streamline and automate your data-intensive workflows so that you can meet your business objectives without pain.

Here's what our customers say

"Our team is looking at a consolidated dashboard everyday. Much more useful than running ad-hoc scripts each time"
"Within a week, we were up and running and were able to deliver impact across multiple teams within our organization."

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