Realtime visibility into your chip design flows

Move faster with automated collection and analysis of key chip design metrics

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Faster Time to Market

Use accurate, real-time data to close issues sooner and get to market faster

Reduce Manual Effort

Free up 6-8 hours per team member by automating data collection

Catch Issues Early

Set up an early warning system to detect and escalate outliers and anomalies

Product Overview

Automated Pipelines and Parsers

Simple Setup

Setting up a pipeline is as simple as pointing to a folder containing your logs and reports

Schedule Ingest

Schedule cron jobs to pull data into the Logarithm Labs database

Parser Library

Use our extensible parser library to extract custom metrics as needed


Intuitive Dashboards and Reports

Rich Visualizations

Use modern visualization techniques out of the box to get a high level and detailed view of your design

Metrics Drill-Downs

Drill into how specific metrics are progressing across each iteration and stage of your design flow

Collaboration Built-In

Centralize metrics tracking and reporting and avoid having status meetings just to gather data

Simple Installation On-Prem

Simple Installation

<30 minute installation over a coffee break!

Deploys On-Prem

No data leaves your enterprise network, deploys on-prem in your environment

Fully Customizable

Contact us for a fully customized deployment that suits your specific needs and flow


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