Why Notebooks for Engineering Workflows?

10 million notebooks on GitHub, used by data scientists around the world, just getting started.

"If I have seen further it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants" - Sir Issac Newton

Q: What are notebooks anyway?

An interactive computing environment that ties together code, documentation, outputs, execution terminals, and data into a single, easy to use file format
Web Based Environment

Unlike IDEs, access the development environment via a browser enabling efficiency and better collaboration

Integrate with Shell Scripts

Execution terminals and support for shell scripts enables a much more powerful platform for development

Simplified Collaboration

Easily download JSON files and share with others, or upload new files directly into the notebook environment

Iterative Exploration

Interactively and iteratively run code, view output, and make updates to fine tune your applications

Embedded Documentation

Create more robust and maintainable applications by embedding documentation within the notebooks

Open Source Productivity

Incorporate the full power of the Python community and leverage a broad set of libraries, packages, and utilities

Notebooks for production apps

We help you easily take notebooks from exploration to live apps, supercharge them with utilities and libraries, and enable enterprise-grade features such as RBAC and version control
Pipeline Builder

Stitch together powerful and end-to-end data processing pipelines using  core building blocks

Triggers and Schedulers

Use event-based triggers and schedulers for repeatable execution

Version Control

Ensure the right versions of code are run each time while enabling flexible development

App Templates

Rapidly built apps, dashboards, and automation scripts using our templates library

Access Control

Support for wide range of authentication and authorization systems

User Roles and Groups

Set fine grained access control and create groups of admins, developers, and users

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