Assessing Quality of IP Using Logarithm Labs

Digital IC IP reuse has become an important topic over the past few years as the complexity of ASIC and SoC designs continues to grow exponentially. The "Quality of IP" is a critical question that has become harder to answer, in a large part due to the various design and verification metrics that need to be aggregated and analyzed before the IP blocks can be used with confidence.

To do this, IP design teams need to centralize the results of their simulations, testbenches, and regression runs. Have all the testbenches passed successfully? What versions of IP were used? Were all the blocks tested with the same version? Have all the views required for downstream use been generated and validated? These are just some of the questions.

Having a centralized data infrastructure for assessing the Quality of IP is critical and certainly worth the investment given the increased complexities of IP design and the deluge of metrics faced by IP design teams today.

But how will the data be collected, parsed, and aggregated? What happens after the data is collected? How will the data be presented to help IP design teams understand their IP Quality, and how will that help them be more productive?

These are some of the capabilities that Logarithm Labs’ Engineering Automation Platform brings to IP design teams. Our platform comprises parsers, collectors, datastores, and customizable apps and dashboards that centralize and integrate the various metrics, data, and analyses to provide an end-to-end visibility of the IP Quality.

This helps IP design teams to know where their IP is breaking, where their testbench fails, which blocks need to be updated, and where the potential performance bottlenecks lie. It also helps “consuming” IP better by being able to track and notify on new IP releases, versions the IP was validated with etc. As a result, IP designers can also identify areas for improvement during the IP design process. Additionally, IP design teams can be more productive by leveraging the right information at the right time in the right format.

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