Logarithm Labs: #MooreWithLess

Logarithm Labs' mission is to help chip design teams be more productive and do more meaningful work.

Both founders met at Google where we got to witness firsthand how modern software is developed, and how automation and visibility into your development flow can do wonders. We believe similar tooling for chip design can have a huge impact on the semiconductor industry, which is why we started Logarithm Labs in mid-2019 to tackle the productivity challenges we had encountered in our roles as chip designers.

Chip design teams are increasingly being asked to do more with less. Schedules and budgets are shrinking while complexity and costs are exploding. Team leads and managers are forced to make decisions with qualitative, subjective, and stale data. Executives and cross functional teams have limited visibility into key blockers and issues. And all of this combined results in expensive delays and rework.

Our product helps chip design teams collect, parse, and use key metrics related to their design and infrastructure, so that they can focus on their design tasks rather than being swamped with status tracking and reporting. Our users can set up automated pipelines that structure raw logs, reports, and other data so that they don't have to. We have simplified how these metrics are collected in a centralized location, enabling decision makers to make better decisions with realtime data.

To maximize the value of this data, we have a collection of fine-tuned applications for various stages of your design flow starting from design, to verification and regressions, to synthesis and physical design. Since the infrastructure for EDA and other HPC-style jobs is critical to engineering productivity, we have also created an application that helps teams understand resource utilization and job performance at a granular level.

And finally, we know how critical data security is for chip design teams, which is why we designed our product from the grounds-up to be deployable in your design environment, be it on-prem or in the cloud.

More is still to come as we continue to add new features and capabilities but if you're interested in learning more, please reach out to us at info@logarithmlabs.com.