Logarithm Labs Product Features and Capabilities

Managers and key decision makers are forced today to make decisions using qualitative, stale, and subjective data. This is because key design metrics are trapped in logs, reports, and other repositories, making them hard to access and use. Logarithm Labs has simplified the process of collecting, transforming, and using these metrics in a centralized location. This helps chip design teams focus on their design tasks instead of non-core tasks such as rolling up status updates.

Logarithm Labs Product Overview

Our product comprises of:

  1. Parsers: Logarithm Labs' parsers automate extraction of key metrics from logs and reports. Designers can use pre-built or customized parsers to push the desired metrics into a central staging area.
  2. Collectors: Our collectors are applications that monitor the staging area and collect the desired metrics as and when they are updated. The relevant metadata such as users, blocks, timestamps, etc. are also collected and rolled up to a centralized database.
  3. Transformers: Transformers are used to create computations and execute custom code to manipulate data from the database. Examples of such manipulations could include calculations of WNS/ TNS, decoding error codes from regression logs, or rolling up the total number of lint errors.
  4. Apps and Dashboards: Managers can use a central portal with rich dashboards, reporting, and notifications to track the status of their chip designs and get an end-to-end view of the design. Managers can also use our product to understand resource utilization and job performance at a granular level to make important decisions. The dashboards help give an accurate, up-to-date view of the current status and show historical change in relevant metrics.

In short, Logarithm Labs' product frees up designers to focus on creating better designs and managers the ability to track and manage their design teams. It ensures that people focus on the most important tasks - to make better designs.

To learn more about how our solution can help you, contact us at: info@logarithmlabs.com.